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Another major goal of the waitlist essay is to convince the admissions committee that the candidate is 100% committed to attending their program. To do this, the candidate should list the actions they have taken to connect with the school’s community, and highlight something new they have learned about the program that really excites them. Doing so can display a candidate’s commitment and passion to attend the school.

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We read many waitlist essays that are a little bit off the mark and would like to provide some tips on how to write a very effective waitlist essay. The key to a waitlist essay is to highlight the improvement the applicant has made. Therefore, simply mentioning the new project you have worked on is not enough; the essay should explain how working on such project has helped you improve. The essay should clearly highlight the critical knowledge gained and the skills the candidate has enhanced. Then the final and most difficult step (that people typically omit) is to explain why this new knowledge, or the enhanced skill allows them to make a stronger contribution to the program. The most persuasive waitlist essay will make clear connections to the specific aspects of the program where they they might make an impact. Thus, the logic flow of a waitlist essay should include: recent actions taken -> explanation of improvement -> potential impact to the program.

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Your waitlist essay focuses MORE on the CAMPUS rather than YOU. Give them compelling new and personal information. Be specific, what are these oppurtunities you will pursue, where will you volunteer? It sounds like you are promising but make sure you're specific and sincere; so that the admissions officer dont doubt your credibility.

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After reading the waitlist essay the candidate will want the admissions committee to come to the following conclusions:

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