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To begin a rally, the serving team starts by tossing the volleyball into the air and then striking it so that it soars over the net and into the opposing team's area of the court.

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Since I was a little girl I played volleyball in the school team and also with my friends in the neighborhood. My mother told me that I liked kicking the ball around and had so much fun with it when I was only about two years old...

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Volleyball in the United States is popular with both male and female participants of all ages. Almost all high schools and colleges in the United States have female teams, and most regions of the country have developmental programs for girls of all ages as well. While many areas of the country are forming male teams and development programs, there are still fewer opportunities for young male athletes to play volleyball in the United States than for young females.

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Volleyball is my way of life. It is my way to calm down after a hard day at school. It’s mine. Mine, to escape, the stress of life, the stress of school, the stress of family, just to escape. It’s mine, to take out my aggression on the world, to be loud and aggressive. When I play volleyball I totally forget all my problems and focus on nothing but volleyball and the intensity of the game. It’s like some people with their music. When they listen to it they forget all the problems of the world. Like any other sport volleyball can be stressful. As tournaments and games approach we work to get all the practice in that we can. But this is a good kind of stress. The kind of stress I am happy to have. The kind of stress that pushes me to work harder in order to get good at what I love. It pushes me to keep on trying so that I can get everything right. It’s all about will power and the absolute want to get better. I have learned that you can’t get better overnight; that you need to try to get better and love the sport. You need to devote most of your time and energy.By 1913 the development of volleyball on the Asian continent was assured as, in that year, the game was included in the programme of the first Far-Eastern Games, organized in Manila. It should be noted that, for a long time, Volleyball was played in Asia according to the "Brown" rules which, among other things, used 16 players (to enable a greater participation in matches).
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One of the other great qualities that volleyball has is how inexpensive it is to play. When you go to the beach many people are already playing volleyball with their own nets, and you can easily join in. If you do decide to buy a net for home or the beach the equipment is really affordable. All you need is a net, a ball, and some people to play with. The field you play on is going to be free, whether it’s the beach or your backyard. And your friends are going to be free, that is unless you have to hire people for the lack of friends. Either way it’s a lot more affordable then some of

Like I said in my thesis statement volleyball is a very underestimated sport

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Volleyball is one of the most popular girls' sports, and strong high school and club programs are found throughout the country. According to a 2012 survey by the , volleyball is the third highest sport for female participation at the high school level behind basketball and outdoor track and field. One of the biggest events in high school-age sports is the annual Volleyball Festival in , (formerly in until 2009 and until 2004), which draws as many as 10,000 players and three thousand coaches for its five-day tournament.

Most people say that volleyball is a very easy sport but I beg to differ

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The minimum number of players on each side for a game is 4 while the maximum is 6. Indoor and outdoor are two variations of volleyball game. Outdoor volleyball is also played as beach volleyball on the beach. Indoor volleyball has six players in each team while beach volleyball has even two persons in each team.