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Conscientious writers try to avoid making unfair assumptions that stereotype or over-generalize people or issues. At the same time, however, every argument conceals some implicit assumption that can't be helped. For example, the argument "An umbrella provides the best defense in wet weather" assumes that protecting one's self against rain is a desirable pursuit. Most readers will find this sort of assumption reasonable, though. To find the assumptions in a thesis, look for the ideas it takes for granted.

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The umbrella thesis encompasses the entire argument in a concise statement without ..

How do I write an umbrella thesis statement

For the conclusion, students and teacher huddle under the umbrella while the teacher extemporaneously says a conclusion which restates the main idea and explains what difference it makes. “Because I must change the kitty litter box, wash the dishes and sweep the garage, I rarely have time to figure out new soccer strategies or run wild on the grass. My parents say these dreaded chores will build character, but right now all I’m concerned about building is my stamina on the field.”

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Figure 4: The ACTLab Prime Directive, which isbased on messy creation and the primacy of play, filters throughthe codeswitcher umbrella to reappear as a disciplined, orderedtopic list. In this instance the umbrella performs muchthe same numbing function as Powerpoint. (Also notice thatmy drawing improves with practice; this is a much betterumbrella than the one in Figure 2.)

If you have an umbrella thesis, make sure that your paragraph topics are related to the main point.
Procedure: The teacher stands in front of the class with a closed umbrella and asks students why they think s/he brought the umbrella to class. Then, after warning those who are superstitious, the teacher opens the umbrella and asks, “What does this beach umbrella have to do with essay writing? What does the umbrella symbolize?” Following a round of guessing, the teacher explains that the umbrella is the thesis paragraph, the main idea of the essay, and that all other information must fall under the umbrella.If my big umbrella is something like “The Burmese python is a beautiful creature” then all of my small umbrellas will have to be something about what makes the snakes beautiful. This would be hard to do. Under my first small umbrella, I might write the following topic sentence: The patterns on the snakes body make the Burmese python beautiful. This works well as it fits under my big umbrella. However, I can’t think of anything else to say under my next two umbrellas. There is just no way I can write that many paragrraphs about why this snake is beautiful. This means one thing, my topic sentence under my big umbrella is not a good one. I need something else. What if I changed it to the following: The Burmese python is an interesting creature.? Now, i’ts much easier to come up with my smaller topic sentences for the body of my paper. I can still use the umbrella about the snake being beautiful, but under my next umbrella, I can write the following topic sentence: The Burmese python has interesting eating habits. Under the last umbrella, I could write the following topic sentence: The Burmese python kills its prey in a unique way.
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Locate the argument in the thesis. For example, in the claim "An umbrella provides the best defense in wet weather," the argument is that the umbrella is the best choice, in the opinion of the writer. You can double-check if the thesis is arguable by determining if it offers a contrary argument. In opposition to the above argument, one could claim that umbrellas do not provide the best defense; this confirms that it is indeed the argument.

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Use your thesis as the groundwork for your essay. If you have written a three-point thesis statement, then organizing the rest of the essay is easy -- just use the three points as paragraph topics for the body of the essay. If you have an umbrella thesis, make sure that your paragraph topics are related to the main point. Occasionally while drafting, your audience, purpose or tone may change. If you decide to change the direction of your essay, remember to go back to the introduction and thesis and revise so the entire essay is unified and doesn't shift focus. Have a peer read your essay and give you feedback.

The umbrella thesis encompasses the entire argument in a concise statement without naming each piece of evidence that the author plans ..

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Find the assumption inherent in the thesis. The assumption is the starting point of the thesis, or what it bases itself on. After taking out the argument, the assumption is what remains. After removing the argument "An umbrella provides the best," you are left with "defense against wet weather," which the writer assumes is a desirable thing.