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The best way to begin an illustration essay is to study the topic you have been given to address as this will help you to develop a strong thesis statement in response. If you are asked to select your own topic for an illustration essay, try to choose one about which you already know a great deal or will be stimulated to research because of your interest in it. This is important because as the focus of an illustration essay is the employment of examples of various sorts, it helps a great deal if the topic naturally generates illustrations in your mind. The essay topic should be sufficiently engaging to attract and hold the reader’s interest, much in the manner of a magazine or newspaper article. Think of yourself as competing, in the same way as professional writers do, for the attention of your reader and this will help you to come up with the kind of topic that is most suitable for your illustration essay.

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Illustration essay is an essay composing with the help of examples in the sustaining evidences. The main idea of a good illustrative essay is to use sufficient, inclusive and precise examples to get the point across. A best topic for an illustrative essay is that which is attractive. An attractive topic will aid you easily to getting attention of readers. Some of the interesting topics are: the media and the framing of crime among others, organizational behavior and de-motivation. So write a good illustrative essay based on one of this topic.

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Unlike other more formal essays, illustration essays offer the writer an opportunity to express and elaborate on a single, usually highly detailed and visceral concept or experience. As such, finding a topic for this type of essay is a very internal process. Essentially, you are 'illustrating' your experience of a particular incident for the reader. Since most of your research will be based on your feelings and thoughts, when choosing a topic for your illustration essay, try to pick an incident that elicits strong memories and emotions from you, but is not so intense that you cannot write about it with a degree of objectivity. Without the objective ability to select and omit details your experience, your illustration essay will be in danger of becoming a diatribe.

There are many good topics for illustration essays to choose from. You can try the following three simple strategies:
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