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Risk management committee: this is a measure that was introduced by banks in the United Kingdom after the economic recession (Ernst and Young 2010). The main aim of the risk management committee is to increase the task of monitoring risks in the organization (Ernst and Young 2010). The committee keeps track of the level of risk that the company is facing currently and the acceptable risk level set by the company (HSBC 2010, pr 8).

Ways in Which Banks Are Reviewing Their Risk Management Strategies

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Ways in which UK banks are strengthening risk management strategies

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Depends on the risk management capability of the construction company

The process of risk management involves recognizing risk, assessing and enumerating the level of business risk (Ernst and Young 2010). Risk assessment is the processes of qualifying or quantifying a particular business risk (Bank of England 2010, pr 24). Risk management is normally accompanied with the process of employing financial resources and human resources to monitor and mitigate a particular risk (Ernst and Young 2010). According to the international standardization organization, the main pillars of risk management includes, making the process of risk management a part of the company’s operations, involving data from risk management in decision making, the risk management be flexible and embrace changes and should be able to improve in line with the prevailing circumstances (Bank of England 2010, pr 24). Risks can emerge from uncertainty in the economic environment and legal obligations set fort by the authorities. Other sources of risk may include risks brought about by changes in nature and attacks from business rivals. Several bodies have decided to come up with risk management strategies and controls (Gay 2007, p 93). However, more advanced organizations find it more advantageous to develop their own risk management controls. ISO standards also prescribe certain risk management procedures and policies (Ernst and Young 2010). Due to the uncertainty brought about by the global economic recession it is important for companies to devise risk management policies that will see to it that they navigate safely through the liquid economy (Bank of England 2010, pr 24). However, the process of risk management is accompanied by high costs which come about due to the need to dedicate personnel ad other resources towards risk management (Gay 2007, p 93). The type of risk management policy to be applied by an institution varies with the range of activity that is being measured, some of the most common risk management policies include the following, reducing the negative impact of the risk, accepting a part or all of the impacts of a risk, mitigating the risk and passing down the risk to another party (Gay 2007, p 93).

Information regarding current scenario of the risk management practices in the banks of the UK.
(30) Standardising the risk management vocabulary and the ISO 31000:2009 standard.

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This type of risk emerges in the trading collections, the process of monitoring and analyzing interest risk is very difficult since it involves making assumptions and using historical data to make a judgment or a forecast (Anglo Irish Bank 2010). It is the wish of every financial institution to greatly reduce its interest risks; therefore most banks have made monitoring of interest risk a day to day activity for the risk management teams (Anglo Irish Bank 2010)

This is an avenue for each stakeholder to access the risk management competency of their company.

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Despite the fact that banks have tried to come up with mechanisms of risk management, there are still more initiatives being conducted to devise more effective risk management strategies and polices (Bozzolan 2004, p 88). The main focus areas of such initiatives is to develop more effective technology and reporting formats so as to improve the process of risk reduction most of the banks in the united kingdom are still developing w2ays to come up with effective risk mitigation teams and systems (Ernst and Young 2010). The following is a statistic carried out by Ernst and young shows that most of the banks almost 60% have made changes to their risk management systems and management teams (Ernst and Young 2010)..

The risk management process begins with the initial identification of the relevant and

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