3. Present and defend the project.

Jordan Gustafson of Hatchville will be filming “Bounce” for his thesis project at Emerson College. He is working toward a bachelor of fine arts.

Introduction to Architectural Thesis Project

Please see  of last years Design Thesis projects…

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Apologies for the delay in replying. I hope your synopsis writing went well. I can definitely give you feedback and guide you through your thesis project. Do get back in touch and we can discuss your project on the blog.

An ideal thesis project should do many things, including:

The University Library keeps permanent copies of your thesis or project as a matter of record. For students submitting hard copies of their projects to the Library, one copy circulates and the other copy is stored in the University Archives. (Please note: this does not apply to graduate students who are submitting projects and theses electronically to the Bronco Scholar repository).

Students can propose one of three types of thesis projects:
The THESIS project proposes a pioneering study of a coherent corpus of medieval manuscripts consisting of all the commentaries on the Sentences composed in Paris and in the new universities from Central Europe between 1350-1450. A Sentences commentary is a core component of the medieval academic curriculum, a collection of theses that scholars had to defend in the universities in order to obtain the title of master or doctor of theology; it is actually the unique equivalent of our modern PhD thesis.An interesting scientific venture in thisproject will be to edit unpublished texts and to identify the sources of thesetexts in order to enhance the visibility of our corpus and its main thesis. A Sentencescommentary can be hundreds of folios long, the equivalent of thousands ofmodern pages (cf. the online transcription of Peter of Candia's commentary fromca. 1380: ), however, and editingjust one of these commentaries would take many years. The THESIS project willtherefore focus on the Prologues, one of the most important parts of thesewritings. The Prologues of Sentences commentaries provide a key to thereading of the entire text, outlining the author’s theological andphilosophical enterprise.
The Thesis Proposal details the four analysis topics to be performed during the spring semester for the Susquehanna Center Project. The Susquehanna Center Project consists of a renovation of 49,159 square foot and an addition of 58,640 square foot and costs $26.7M. In the three technical assignments done during the fall semester the project was analyzed from a construction management perspective as a preparation for the core thesis analysis that will take place during the spring semester. Found below is a link to the Thesis Proposal file and below that are descriptions of the four chosen research topics.Analysis 2: Initiation of BIM in renovation projects
The second analysis will to find the best way to make this project eligible and make it feasible to use BIM. A study will be done in the most efficient ways to convert the documentation of the old building into a BIM friendly format. Also, it will aim to find how to go about educating other parties in the project about BIM and the importance of it in an efficient manner.
Here is the link to a number of articles on how you could progress with your thesis project.

Alcorn State University: Thesis and Project

In Docear, you may work with multiple projects that are all listed in your workspace panel. We are often asked what a project is intended for and for what kind of work exactly one should create a new project? We suggest that you create different projects only for entirely different and independent kind of works. For instance, I created a project for Docear’s manual, another project for Docear’s teaser video, and another project for my own PhD thesis. I am not creating new projects for every paper I write (instead, I only create a new mind map within my Thesis project to draft a new paper).

Alpha demo of the first 4 stages of my Integrated Digital Media Master's thesis project game.

or indirectly in your thesis or project

Our aim was to develop contemporary architectural designs based on timber, so as to encourage its use as a . We wanted people to look beyond the traditional chalet style that is typically associated with wood. But we knew that would require winning architects over with elegant designs. The thesis projects carried out at the lab until 2010 focused on developing computer-assisted design software as well as new construction methods employing wood. Our software expanded the range of applications for the engineered wood products introduced on the market some 20 years ago. It also helped create a new field of R&D in timber construction.

As Giffune was deciding on her senior thesis project, she knew the city would play a major role.

Thesis Projects; Thesis Projects

This guideline is prepared for Master's students who may chose a thesis or project option for their Master's degree of study in Health Education and Promotion. A majority of the content of this guideline are directly copied from the This guideline only highlights what appears to be the most important items and add hyperlinks to the relevant part of the Graduate Handbook. Please read original handbook for accuracy. The process of a thesis/project is described as follows: