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The goal of the Online Education System is to provide a set of new capabilities that enhances the traditional classroom experience. By applying the benefits of the Internet to teaching and learning, the system helps the teaching staff perform their duties more efficiently and enhances the students' learning experiences by making a wider range of resources readily accessible. The education system models the classroom as a database-backed Web service, where members of each class belong to well-defined groups of users. As a result, these user communities can remotely interact with other users, have asynchronous access to information, and manage their individual roles/contributions as a community member. What does this translate to the system's application to education? Students can obtain help from the teaching staff remotely during online office hours. They can share knowledge and help answer each other's questions when the teaching assistant is not available. The teaching staff can collaboratively develop course materials and distribute them via a centralized mechanism. Instead of collecting student grades from many TAs, each maintaining his/her records differently, professors have immediate access to all student data in a single format, managed by one database. Finally, all users have access to a reliable archive of all news, announcements, and activities that are relevant to them.

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This honors thesis project focuses on the study of arts education in schools across America. In today’s world of education, arts education sometimes falls by the wayside to more academic subjects like math and literacy. Research demonstrates that students who participated in arts education programs show more positive academic and social outcomes as compared to those who don’t. Arts programs help students in numerous ways, and those who are immersed in full arts education experiences actually do better in school. My thesis project researches the effects of current theories related to arts education and how strategies are implemented in schools. My presentation will show an analysis of current research studies as related to academic achievement, social benefits, interdisciplinary approaches and diverse learners. After reviewing the schools identified in the Reinvesting in Arts Education publication by the President's Council on the Humanities (2011), my presentation will feature schools across the country that use effective arts education programs. In addition, I will include the most recent Common Core standards and how they integrate arts education into the curriculum. Analysis will demonstrate specific trends among schools using arts education programs and how the Common Core standards link with arts education.

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, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, stated that the lack of distinction between the Ed.D and the Ph.D has meant the Ed.D. has come to be seen as little more than "Ph.D.-lite," and the Ph.D. in education has likewise suffered. Moreover, it has resulted in "the danger that we achieve rigorous preparation neither for practice nor for research." Arthur Levine, former president of , said that the Ed.D. degree is granted to both scholars and administrators and as such makes the degree ambiguously defined, that the programs in educational leadership specifically suffered from low standards, and that "There is absolutely no reason why a school leader needs a doctorate." Barbara K. Townsend, Professor of Higher Education and Associate Dean for Research and Development at the University of Missouri at Columbia, suggests the doctorate of education is most frequently sought for vanity purposes and to improve one's status, citing a 2000 survey of California school superintendents in which they identify the greatest value of the Ed. D. as being its "symbolic value (credibility and respects a basis for leadership)," further adding that there is scant research or evidence to suggest that possession of a doctorate in education improves one's ability to be an effective administrator.

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Education thesis writing or Education dissertation writing are assigned to be written at higher academic levels. Students are required to include all that information that is relevant with appropriate citation according to set academic writing pattern. Education thesis and Education dissertation, both type of writing needs to include proper arguments with validating authorial views from reliable and authentic sources to prove one’s ideas and claims. In all kinds of academic writing, there is a compulsory need of an introduction, a conclusion and argumentative comments with in text citations. No academic writing is complete with citations. However, in all kinds of writing, the Ph.D. and Master's academic writer should keep in mind that there should be no plagiarism or mistakes or there are chances for disqualification. Feel free to contact for getting academic Education dissertation/thesis help from our qualified writers.

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