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Paul Chun (19) 5.12 Proverbs Mock Theory of Knowledge Essay 2009 We may live in the same world but we are unique individuals that come from different cultural backgrounds, have different upbringing and personal life experiences. These factors will form our worldview, which is part of us and what we already know. Worldview is important, as it will lead to compromises within our ways of knowing, such as perception, language, emotion and reason. Hence, we will not understand things 'as they are', which means pure, unbiased understanding by objectively viewing things just the way it is. We may all physically 'see' the same things but we will understand things 'as we are'. This is because our ways of knowing will influence our interpretations and become part of what we observe, resulting in having different understanding and various truth claims. Thus, in my TOK essay, it will be shown that it is inevitable that we will make subjective interpretations due to differences in our worldviews and the shortcomings of our ways of knowing. Firstly, I will discuss how perception affects the way we 'see and understand' the world. Being different individuals, we will have our respective personal experiences and thoughts, and different perceptions of certain things in our minds, which alter our objectivity. Coming from different backgrounds, we are influenced by our own surrounding areas and culture, which shapes our individual perception 'filters'.

theory of knowledge essay titles 2017

theory of knowledge essay titles 2017

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Sometimes you might be required to choose a title from a list. Your selection will determine the quality of your final Theory of Knowledge essay! The following points are the Do's and Don’ts in Selection of a good Theory of Knowledge Essay title:

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Your school should provide the grading criteria. Understanding these criteria will help you appropriately set your goals for your ToK essay. Most students have a negative perception towards grading criteria. They view them as an extra test besides the Theory of Knowledge essay. Only a few smart ones appreciate the benefits of going through these assessment criteria. Grading criteria help the student understand what is expected or desired of his or her ToK essay.

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IB Theory of Knowledge Essay is one of the most demanding essays that an IB student has to write

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You have all the tools at hand by now! The Title, the Knowledge Question, Requirements of the Grading Criteria, the Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge, Ideas, and the Format of a Theory of Knowledge Essay. Write a skeleton of your expected ToK essay. Be sure to follow the correct format.

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