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Reflection essays express the writer's personal opinion on some selected piece of writing, event, or life experience. Reflection essays demonstrate the writer's attitude towards a selection topic, event or experience. The writers should use their senses, mind and logic to write an effective reflection essay that captivates readers and makes them want to read the paper attentively till the very last word. This is an example of a reflection essay! Reflection essays should not be focused purely on discussions and debates, yet rather on the exploration of new ideas, thoughts and opinions. Since a reflection essay is mostly subjective it should not use authoritative tone and should not force the readers to believe something. On the contrary, a reflection essay is a playground for effective presentation of ideas and subjective experiences of the writer. For instance, personal failures make an effective topic for reflection essays as they allow the writer to ponder over these failures, express feelings, and make subjective conclusions. Reflection essays allow writers to grow. Failure to enter college, failure to win a race, or failure to seduce a member of the opposite sex make the writer think about the true meaning of things, their importance and influence on his daily life. The writer can think about what benefits the failures provide and what can be done to avoid these failures in the future and to get the most from the status quo.

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This is a collection of writing the person does over a period of time. Part of that portfolio is writing reflective essays. For example, if the individual writes a story, he can then write a reflective essay on that story. He can critique himself on his plot structure and character development. He can discuss what he was trying to accomplish and how well he succeeded. If the individual is critiquing his general writing skills, then he might choose a piece he wrote at the beginning of the school year and compare it to a piece he wrote at the end of the school year. He might note improvements he has made in vocabulary development, sentence structure, organization of ideas, and development of a thesis. In summary, the purpose of a reflective essay on writing is to examine one’s own writing to identify strengths and weaknesses and to establish goals for improvement.

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