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A Personal Perspective essay has no particular form. It is, rather, the writer's opinion -- pure and simple. The writer does not have to explain carefully why he or she believes this particular thing or thinks this particular way, and the reader does not have to do anything more than take the essay or leave it. Personal Perspective essays are usually very interesting to read, however, because they almost always carry the stamp of the writer's personality prominently.

There Is A Checklist For Writing A Personal Perspective Essay:

 There Is A Checklist For Writing A Personal Perspective Essay:

There is a checklist for writing a Personal Perspective essay:

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A perspective essay is an essay where the writer is asked to voice their opinion on a given subject. Perspective essays vary in societal importance, largely dependent on the perceived importance of the author. Citizens who write guest columns are not viewed with the same weight one would give a politician or other public figure.

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Historical Perspective Essay Nursing theories guide nursing research, they have been long used and intergraded as part as the nursing profession. The nursing profession, past, present, and future will incorporate research. The way nurses implement nursing care is guided by research. Hospitals implement policies incorporated by nursing theories and research. Many theorists contributed to the practice known as professional nursing. The first professional nurse or noted theorist was Florence Nightingale. She continues to guide research and inspire other theorists. Modern nursing remains to be on the top 10 trusted profession, when it used to be regarded as ignorant and uneducated. Florence Nightingale opened the doors for future researchers and theorists to shape professional nursing. Florence Nightingale, “the mother of modern nursing” after returning from the frontlines of the Crimean war in 1856, improved the mortality rate by attending the environment (George, 2011, chap. 3). Coming from an influential family and highly educated background, Florence Nightingale used her educated knowledge and collected data from the Crimean War. In 1859, Notes on Nursing was published. It was intended to give hints on nursing, but it became a manual for professional nursing. It emphasized the organization of the environment and the patient (George, 2011). Notes on Nursing brought many concepts to nursing, which include ventilation, warming, hand washing, bed cleanliness, lighting, and noise. Her belief was, “It is the will of the nurse to alter the environment in such a way to obey natural laws, thereby providing the environment in which perfection may be achieved (Selanders, 2010, “p.”83). Nightingale did not specifically write...

Personal Perspective Essay

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