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Back to the NCA thesis show. The viewer experiences several pleasant surprises in the form of experimentation which seeks to test and stretch the boundaries of a certain discipline. Such experimentation is apparent in the work of Faraz Aamer Khan who uses dark and looming seascapes occupying large canvases in his work, Into the Mirror, which also includes an installation of metal sheets, reflected infinitely in ceiling mirrors. The sheets are attached to some device that makes them vibrate, creating a sound akin to thunder or that of an approaching storm.

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Ramazan Jafri talking to the press during the NCA thesis display 2013

NCA thesis: The textile magicians

Among the most frequently asked questions we receive at NCA concerns the 2004 NCA Reputational Study that ranked doctoral programs in several research specialties and along three different criteria. We are often asked if we’re going to replicate the study or offer another ranking system for doctoral education. All of these requests prompted serious thought and discussion in the National Office and among the DEC. We also researched the historical and current attempts to rank or rate doctoral programs, particularly in Communication, and the “Assessing Doctoral Program Quality in Communication” report is the result of that research.

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A clip from my NCA thesis for my video production course in 2006. It was a short film, (horror), I recently re edited it for some project. this was my first short film ever and my first work also in film production. I also named it again, the concept here is just about nightmares and the scary distorted things that people see.

The NCA thesis show offers several other strong works both in terms of ideas and execution. Anila Shakeel’s works that play with the illusory aspects of light and colour and with the creation and manipulation of space; Ahsan Ali Memon’s sculptural works that show everyday objects in hyper reality and question the ideas of the real and the copy as well as of the privileged art and high art in the contemporary world; Anam Liaqat’s large three-dimensional painted still life that also offers a critique of life and art; Sadqain’s installation work which recycles the paint in such a meticulous manner that the installation looks like a static object even while it is perpetually moving — all these works exhibit exceptional vitality and potential. hi em the student of fsc , its ma 2nd year nw . the problem is that em studying pre medical and i wanna take addmision in nca in the depart of architect , plz tell me the procedure , i can apply online bt em nt finding the web exactly what is, so plz tell me frm where i can apply for admission in nca, plz anyone can tell me, thnx
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The credit provider should provide the consumer with a pre-agreement statement, a copy of the credit agreement and a statement of his/her account. The credit agreement should not contain any unlawful previsions as set out in the NCA and the statement of account should be delivered at least once every three months.

Work by 12 miniaturists on display at NCA thesis exhibition.

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National College of Arts NCA Lahore now announce Admission 2016-2017 in Degree programs, Postgraduate Programmes of Postrgaduate center for Multimedia Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Design as the program under these department are as follow on this page so all those candidates who want to take admission in the NCA Lahore in any of the program can take their admission forma and submit it back to the admission block of the NCA till 3rd October, 2016 as this is the last date to submit the application form and all those candidates who will not able to submit the form and submit the form late will not eligible for the admission in this College of Arts, Well arts subjects are not so easy as it requires personal skills with the effective efficiency and Effectiveness. National College of Arts NCA Lahore is the best arts institution and also the oldest school in the Pakistan. This college provide quality education in graduate, Bachelor and postgraduate level with a number of program offered. This page will provide you complete information about the documents and the procedure that if you want to take admission in NCA then what you have to do. so stay in touch with this page as this will clear your all ambiguity related to the admission

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Dream Street - NCA Thesis Film 2014

No wonder that her work on display at the NCA annual thesis exhibit focuses on violence against Hazaras. She received one of the three distinctions in miniatures.