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Mr. DASCHLE. Mr. President, I am honored today to present to my colleagues in the Senate an essay by Adam Hofer of Rapid City, SD. Adam is a student at St. Thomas More High School, and he has been awarded first place in the annual National Peace Essay Contest for South Dakota. "Rebuilding Societies After Conflict" examines how postconflict states transition to free elections, develop a national constitution, and incorporate demobilized soldiers into society. By using the case studies of Nicaragua and Mozambique, Adam deftly illustrates the importance of all three factors in a nation's transition to peace following civil war. I commend his essay to my colleagues' attention. I ask consent that Adam Hofer's essay be printed in the RECORD.

The National Peace Essay Contest:

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The National Peace Essay Contest challenges students to think about the important issues at the core of USIP's mission to prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflicts around the world. The 2013-2014 contest challenged students to examine the role of security sector reform in countries in transition from war to peace. In addition to the three national winners, 46 state level winners were each recognized with a $1,000 scholarship.

Over the course of 27 years, thousands of students have participated in the essay contest. One of the main goals of the contest is to encourage young people to think about international conflict issues and peacebuilding. Many contest participants noted that the essay contest was the first time they started to think about the world beyond their own borders.

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The three national winners of the 2013-2014 National Peace Essay Contest are presented with their trophies by USIP Board of Directors member Joe Eldridge and Program Specialist Alli Phillips.

This is a list of the 2009-2010 National Peace Essay Contest Winners' biographies.
The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) organizes an annual essay contest that provides prize money that helps high school students pursue a college education. This contest is called the National Peace Essay Contest. The contest is open to students from grades 9 through 12. The aim of this contest is to ensure that students are aware of the importance of international peace and to find solutions to conflicts in the present day and in the future. Students who wish to take part in this essay contest should be aware of how to write essay for this type of contests, to be eligible for the scholarship.If you are interested in taking part in the National Peace Essay Contest for next year, start practicing now. If you need assistance with your writing and require samples, you can visit our where you will find a plethora of various types of essays that will educate you on how to write essay for the essay contest.
This is a list of the 2009-2010 National Peace Essay Contest Winners' biographies.

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My name is Henry Zhu and I currently live in Carmel, Indiana and I am a sophomore at Carmel High School. At my school, I participate in several extracurricular activities, from being in the school orchestra to writing for the school paper to running on the track team. My hobbies include reading, listing to and playing music, running and volunteering. I do volunteer work as a tutor for younger children in math outside of school and help run the school’s UNICEF club, where we work to raise money to help impoverished children from around the world. As for plans after high school, I am not really sure which college to attend or what major to pursue, but I am interested in perhaps studying law or political science. I am interested in international politics and I believe participating in the National Peace Essay Contest has broadened my horizons for the future.

National Peace Essay Contest

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Description: The National Peace Essay Contest will award 53 scholarships to eligible high school students in grades nine through twelve who can express themselves through a thoughtful and researched essay on a specific topic. The first place contest winner from each state will receive $1,000 and compete for national awards of $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500 for first, second, and third place respectively. Students are notified in May of their essays’ status and all first-place state winners are invited to attend a unique five-day all-expenses-paid awards program in Washington, D.C. in June .

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Starting in 1987, USIP challenged students to think critically about global issues of conflict and peace through the National Peace Essay Contest (NPEC). USIP then expanded its work with young people in more recent years with the creation of the Global Peacebuilding Center in 2011. Now, USIP is building upon the legacy of the NPEC (which was wrapped up in 2014) and expanding the ongoing work of the by partnering with other organizations on some new initiatives for students: