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Japanese science and technology

This is one more sphere that makes Japan one of the leading countries in the world. In your essay on Japan, focus on such fields as robotics, machinery, biomedical research, earthquake engineering, and some others.

These are only a few issues that can be considered in essays on Japan. We are sure that writing Japan essay will not seem boring to you.

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Thus this essay is unclear because the writer fails to follow several fundamental paragraph writing rules. These problems may be caused from the common misconception that danraku is an equivalent word for paragraph. In English paragraphs, what should be and should not be included is strictly decided. On the other hand, Japanese danraku is flexible and the sentences related to the topic are allowed in any sequence. As the Japanese essay written by the same student () shows, several ideas are discussed in one danraku, and there too it is not easy to understand the writer's main point. All the sentences state something about learning English but each danraku does not focus on a specific aspect. In danraku, unity is not as important as it is in paragraphs. Japanese writers can keep on writing as ideas come to mind because danraku does not require a logical organization.

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Japan or the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most developed countries in Asia and in the world. Today, this country is usually associated with high technologies, huge business corporations, good cars, and so on. Well, what else do you know about Japan?

If you do not know that much about Japan, we strongly recommend you start gathering information. Do you remember that very soon you will have to hand in your essay on Japan?

Therefore, the more information you find, the more informative Japan essay you will prepare. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with several catchy ideas you can develop in Japan essays.

The secret of economic power

It was already mentioned that Japan is one of the most developed countries. Its GDP is estimated at $4,292 trillion. What do you think the secret of such economic power is? Try to explain in your essay on Japan the secret of such economic potential.

The secret of successful business

Japanese companies and corporations are famous all over the world. Toyota, Sony, Nintendo, Mitsubishi, and some others are the largest enterprises that are really successful. Do you have some explanations for Japanese business success that you can introduce in Japan essays? If you do not, you can investigate in your essay on Japan such concepts in Japanese business culture as:

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The mid-1930s brought another wave of zuihitsu popularity, in the midst of which many questioned the randomness and superficiality of Japanese essayism, including those such as Nakano Shigeharu (1902–79), poet and Marxist revolutionary, whom literary history lauds for his trenchant critique of the culture. The desire to guard the “real Japan” defined literature in some of its best and worst moments, but ultimately did not impede the writing of significant works or the delineation of the crisis of modernity. In 1933,