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The two most likely organizational patterns for the outline of an interpretive essay are the and the . The division pattern could simply organize the essay according to reasons for the thesis (or points of proof) as in the following outline:

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How do you generally write your essays? Do you do bring out some paper and pencils and start right away? Although that may work for you, take a look at this basic approach or the primary steps youï¾’d need to write an effective (or even more effective) interpretive essay:

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Just as how the joints connect the limbs in a human anatomy, coherence connects the ideas in an interpretive essay. An essay needs to have an organized flow of ideas just as how a human body needs to have a systematic flow of blood. The parts of the essay need to go together smoothly, as opposed to the structure of Frankensteinï¾’s monster, to be able to live in the world among readers without horrifying them, and make an acceptable human creation or a good essay.

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Arriving at a conclusion entails first examining the facts, and this is especially true when writing an interpretive essay. In preparation for stating a thesis—the conclusion you have drawn after examining the facts—you will engage in inductive reasoning. Examine the facts available to you, and ask yourself what meaning they create collectively.

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8 Option D. Creating a Test on Book 1. After reading your book create a test on the book that includes an objective section as well as an interpretive essay section. The test is to total 100 possible points. In creating your test, provide a separate answer sheet as well as the regular test. Create the test as if you were the teacher giving the test on the book to the class. Draw on your experience of eleven plus years of taking many a test. Some guidelines are provided below. 2. Guidelines for creating a test on reading book. In creating the test have a variety of methods for assessing the book. You can determine how many items for each evaluative method and how many points each type of item is worth, but you want a range of difficulty, easy to challenging. Please include directions for each section of the test, divide the test into different parts, and give the number of points each item and section of the test is worth. Work at creating a fair test. You are assessing whether a person has: 1) read the book, 2) some degree of understanding the book beyond simple recall, and 3) the ability to accurately interpret the book. Here are some methods of assessing the book objectively: true/false these are good for basic plot events for checking close reading matching of characters and descriptions these are valuable for clear identifying of major and minor characters and their values and contributions to the book fill in blank for major events, key concepts, major settings, or other topics of significance these are worth creating putting key elements of plot in order a jumbled arrangement of key events and having to chronologically order them shows an understanding of cause and effect and reveals a clear reading of a text. Be careful to choose key events and not insignificant details that are repeated in the text. Clarity of time is important in creating and responding to these test items. significant new vocabulary these test items can be created by way of matching, multiple choice, or definitions. There may be vocabulary that is unique to the book, cultural items or ideas, or simply more sophisticated words that are worth knowing in order to better understand the book. These would be words identified and taught by the teacher prior to the test. multiple choice these test items are often worth more points than other objective sections because, if well made, they call for higher level thinking, not just recall of information. A good multiple choice question calls for the best answer with usually four choices (a-d). Two items are usually fairly easy to eliminate as incorrect and two items call for distinguishing the best answer from an okay answer. The best answer often calls for some degree of interpreting characters and events, not simply a recall of what happened.

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This process is not always quick or easy. You may have to ask the focus question in several ways; you may have to test several thesis statements; you may find that you cannot answer the proof question and have to start the process over. Still, time devoted to thinking it through is time well spent for producing sharply focused, analytical essays, while saving you considerable time during the drafting stage. The following is a —a form—for thinking through an interpretive essay.