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The Initial Reflective Essay requires teacher candidates to assess their strengths, challenges, and beliefs against Illinois State's conceptual framework for teacher education, . To successfully complete this requirement, students must achieve a minimum rating of "basic" in all categories.

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Unformatted text preview: Katie McElheny TCH 212 Dr. McGaha 27 August 2014 Initial Reflective Essay Being a beginner in the Education field, I evaluated myself through a survey to show the different types of qualities I have to address our democratic ideal. Having a teacher that is democratically ideal is having someone that is sensitive towards the various people, along with their cultures, that are involved in the classroom. These teachers also have knowledge on the content being taught they care about what they are teaching. Overall, they have an interest in finding new variety of teaching techniques and when it is appropriate to use certain strategies. Using Form B to evaluate myself, one of my strongest aspects of my personality is my enthusiasm and persuasion to be creative, not only to myself, but to others as well. Being an English Education major, I love having my peers being pushed outside their comfort zone while discussion a subject or practicing our writing. I also personally believe that people who are more creative are quicker problem solvers and overall more open-minded I can further pursue my belief by observing how my students grow throughout the year. By continuing this drive for creativity, I am on the right track to be throughout the year....

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Revisit the initial reflective essay that you wrote to meet the Gateway 1 requirements

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