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Informal and formal essays differ in terms of context and style. During your educational career, you will craft mainly formal essays, which are research-based, factual and written in the third-person point of view. In contrast, informal essays, also known as personal essays, can be written in the first-person voice and tend to be subjective and opinion based.

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An informal essay is typically used in a business setting to provide summaries of transactions, procedures and events. On the other hand, formal essays are nearly always used in academic research. The primary differences between these two forms of essay writing are the tone of the writing and the structure of the essay.

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Professors don’t usually assign topics when it comes to informal essay writing. And compared to other academic writings, an informal essay doesn’t have to follow certain standards. Rather than being formal, it tends to be more personal. You can tackle certain issues, controversies, or even your personal experiences – anything under the sun.There are certain techniques in making an informal essay more appealing to the readers. One is the so-called 'compression' wherein you stress the important points in your essay. The other one is 'time inversion' on which you can start the essay by describing the middle part of an event first. Next is 'withholding' wherein you stimulate readers to raise questions in their minds, yet you withhold the information. And the last is 'foreshadowing' in which you make your essay unpredictable by creating a thrilling atmosphere.As the name implies, an informal essay must be conversational. It is like you are talking to your readers, to catch their interests, mixed with amusement. You can directly speak to your readers in such a way that you don’t have to worry if, whether or not, your personality gets evident. You don’t have to hide behind your lines. In other words, you are fee to be yourself.Sometimes students start to panic hearing about informal essay format. And it is very important to organize it correctly to have some good informal essay sample. As you know, every genre of essay writing has its own style. And, of course, there are some special informal essay writing tips too. The main difference of informal essay definition is the fewer writing process restrictions. You can look for some great informal essay examples online to learn it yourself. Also, you can find there some popular informal essay topics.
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The formal category of academic projects usually come with a set of guidelines which determine the various aspects like the , the sources, the etc which must be applied to that project. But an informal assignment will have no such restrictions; at the most, you might be given a topic or a choice of topics or yet an essay prompt to write on. Other than that, you will be totally free to write the essay as per your preferences. But while writing an informal essay, there are certain things which you can do to make it more interesting and impressive.

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Here are some topics commonly assigned for informal essays.

The informal essay can be much less restricted by structural conformities and much more personal in both approach and expression. Allow your personal opinions and mode of expression to show through in an informal essay, rather than trying to sound ‘academic’. Your own ‘voice’ should be clearly audible in the informal essay and you should not be afraid to use humour where appropriate. Despite this, the informal essay should still maintain direction and clarity.