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Sometimes it may not even be someone who has trouble with English; people may end up requiring help for something they normally would be able to deal with quite efficiently on their own. Case in point: the trouble Parth Panchal, a masters student in Telecommunications Engineering at RIT, went through when working on his application essay. He says, “I found myself stuck trying to find a logical approach to make the transition from my undergrad academics to describing my work experience. I sought guidance from an advisor, expecting suggestions, but received modifications to my original content instead. Fortunately, I was aware of academic plagiarism policies at RIT, and disposed of the edits, working on the essay until I came up with a solution myself.” What will please the academic community the most about Hello Essay is the comprehensive ethical code it follows. By refusing to write or rewrite essays, it differentiates itself from so-called essay mills and makes sure the student is able to express himself freely by limiting its own services to evaluation and advice.

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Hello Essay makes it easy for students to connect with experts who edit and proofread academic essays and personal statements. Our service is affordable and fully complies with ...

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Hello Essay is seeking to help this class of students. Keeping the simplicity and effectiveness of their services in mind, they should definitely be successful.

Hello Essay connects students with experts who edit and proofread academic essays and personal statements. Write on!
Zack Homer is a fairly unassuming, friendly twenty-something year old with a genuine smile and an attentive ear. But when he talks about Hello Essay, the online editing company of which he is CEO and cofounder, he becomes a spirited and focused professional, one who could be rallying a group of supporters or leading a force into battle. He becomes exactly the type of person in whom students can trust because he is so passionate about his cause—helping students succeed. And he will stop at nothing to make sure they do just that.Hello Essay offers services in four packages – Standard, Premium, Rush Standard and Rush Premium. The Standard version reviews the essay and evaluates it according to a variety of metrics, including proofreading and fixing formatting errors. The Premium version makes suggestions to enhance flow and presentation, and provides tips to make the essay more clear and effective. The Rush versions offer an average turnaround time of 4-12 hours, as opposed to 40-48 hours for the Standard and Premium versions. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the Hello Assessment, which rates the essay while pinpointing its strengths and weaknesses.Join our awesome team! Whether it's a salary increase for making the all-star team or a professional development opportunity, we've made Hello Essay an incredibly fun and rewarding place to work. Set your own schedule to fit your busy life. Get paid well. Whether you're looking for part-time work or a full-time gig, it does not get any better than this.
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Hello Essay is an online essay editing website that connects students with experts who provide thorough edits, detailed suggestions, and comprehensive critiques to help students improve their application essays.

Average Hello Essay Salary: $55,000. Search and compare Hello Essay Salary by location for free.

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Those boundaries include the Hello Essay Code of Ethics (posted to the website), which ensures that all Hello Essay editors abide by the strict ethical code that prevents any sort of plagiarism from occurring. This means that students can relax, knowing that any editing they receive from Hello Essay is completely above board and can only help their papers.

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An online service that provides students with expert advice on their essays, Hello Essay has a strict code of ethics that conforms to academic integrity policies across the world. Offering a variety of services for academic writing, from application essays to personal statements, academic essays to reports and research papers, Hello Essay seeks to prevent students from executing plagiarism. The service offers a safe alternative in the form of expert advice from academics and former admissions officers, to name a few options. With the diversity of their backgrounds, students can choose the individual that suits their requirements and tune their written work according to that individual's advice.