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Once provided this information, aerospace systems engineers then face theclassic systems architecting problem of whether or not, and how, toincorporatea technology which promises a dramatic increase in system performance, butwhich carries substantial schedule, cost, and technical risks. This isparticularly difficult for molecular nanotechnology, since dramaticperformanceincreases in supporting technology often require a re-architecting to properlyexploit [Rechtin, 1991], [Raymond, 1951].

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At least two other approaches seem reasonable. The first would be to directlywork through the research objectives one-by-one. The second would be toselecta grand strategy, and systems engineer from the top-down a set of operationalconcepts and system architectures to implement that grand strategy.

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There remains a gigantic hole in this body of work. For example, a search of"nanotechnology and space" on "Current Contents" in the USC periodicaldatabasefinds nothing. Almost no systems architectures for space operationsexploitingmolecular nanotechnology have even been sketched at, and of those that have,only two provide even the barest numerical justification. There is a cryingneed to create a survey of the field, and to create at least representativeentries across that survey. Meeting that need is the major focus of thisresearch.

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After passing the Qualifying Examination, thePh.D. student is allowed up to 18 months to prepare a written ThesisProposal and present it formally to the student's Thesis Committee andother interested faculty.To be admitted to graduate standing, an applicant must in generalhave received a bachelor’s degree representing the completionof an undergraduate course in science or engineering equivalentto one of the options offered by the Institute. He or she must,moreover, have attained such a scholastic record and present suchrecommendations as to indicate fitness to pursue, with distinction,advanced study and research. Admission sometimes may have to berefused solely on the basis of limited facilities in the option concerned.Once the Ph.D. thesis is written, the student must the to the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office at least two weeks before the students' defense date. The Thesis Committee is usually the same as the Prospectus Committee. If there is any change in the committee, the student must submit a one-page biographical description of any new committee member from outside Carnegie Mellon for approval. Additionally, students are expected to adhere to Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT) guidelines on providing defense committees with a copy of the thesis prior to the defense. that students provide their committee with a copy of the thesis at least one and a half months prior to the defense.When a thesis or dissertation is submitted to the Office of Theses and Dissertations, it must meet the formatting and requirements set forth in the . All doctoral dissertations and master's theses must be submitted electronically. For more information on electronic theses and dissertations (eTDs), visit the .
[Drexler, K.E., 1988a]

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Likely sources are the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, ActaAstronautica, the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, AIAA Papers, and theproceedings of the Biannual Space Manufacturing Conferences held by the SpaceStudies Institute.

a. A  similar to that shown for Master's degree thesisproposals should be employed, omitting the supervision agreement atthe bottom.

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Before a student can proceed to the thesis defence, they have to declare the thesis topic in OIS and get approval from their supervisor. The deadline for handing in the final version of the thesis (hardcopy and softcopy) is typically at least one week before the defence deadline. Please pay careful attention to the OIS declaration deadline, as without this you will not be permitted to attend the defence.

Kristo Heero The Parser Generator JavaCC and Sketchy Modeling”. MSc thesis. University of Tartu, 2002

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