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The corporate strategy of the company is to cut down the waste and produce perfect goods through utilization of peoples’ talent. The company aims at becoming number one in the automobile market through its hybrid cars developed through the ongoing implementation of innovative ideas.

Case Study – Corporate Strategy - Custom PhD Thesis

Case Study – Corporate Strategy

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Corporate strategy is the management of managing the portfolios for the long term and predetermined plans or indicators for the business strategy as business strategy are highly dynamic in nature due to internal or external environment. Corporate strategies are made to provide a stable working environment to the organization so that it can achieve goal of the organization whereas business strategy are adapted due to the change in the environment.

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I find support in my analysis for the mediating role of Controls in the relationship between Corporate Strategy and subsidiary level strategy. The results from the analysis demonstrate that the strategic orientations of subsidiaries are endogenous to the corporate strategy through the mechanism of Controls each subsidiary is subject to. I also find support for the moderating effect of certain aspects and characteristics at corporate level such as size of corporate headquarters, number of subsidiaries managed by the corporation, and corporate CEO’s background in the relationship between Corporate Strategy and Controls.

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discussion of key concepts of corporate strategy through case analysis

Corporate Strategy - Custom PhD Thesis

Apart from the above research and investigation, and extensive literature review as well as internet research has been undertaken. This literature review involved study of various articles, journals, books, etc. describing the latest trend in linking business and corporate strategy with the Human Resource strategy its effect on the competitive position of a firm. In addition, such a literature and internet research revealed the best practices aligning HRM with company’s strategic plans and goals. Through such investigation, some valuable suggestions have been made for the practicing managers to achieve corporate goals through development and empowerment of human resource of the organization.

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Corporate level strategy is in the multi-business that it creates strategy for all the different types of businesses and business strategy is one which is made for a single business unit. So the corporate staff at the top level make the corporate strategy. Corporate strategy defines the market and also develop the strategy of diversification in new product or in a new geographical area whereas at the business level defines how to navigate in that market and create the strategy to secure the competitive advantage over the competitor in that product or in that geographical area.

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Semi-structured interviews were conducted for the company’s Vice President (HR), Director (HR) and Senior Manager (HR). The information gathered from the interviews revealed that CPK Automobiles base its every business strategy keeping in mind the involvement of its workforce in the strategy. It aims to achieve its objectives and a competitive advantage in the automobile market through an efficient management of its human resource and linking every aspect of the business strategy as well as that of corporate strategy with the policies designed for human resource of the organization. In the above section, we have discussed the corporate strategy of CPK automobiles that again clarifies that company focuses on its human resource and utilization of its talent for achievement of organizational goals and objectives.