Though we could not physically meet, we were able to communicate via and share work through Dropbox and shared Google documents. We began work on the braided essay in class, and divided the work into sections. We both reviewed and edited the final work. I was confused, however, with the braided essay, and could not really get myself to think outside of the box enough to write it. I was too analytical and approached it as I would a formal essay. I think I have a better understanding of it now, and would probably be able to take a less analytical, literal approach to it in the future. -Jodi

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A braided essay weaves three styles of writing on a common theme

I’ve posted two fine examples of the Braided Essay for those of you who wish to use this unique structure. For some background on the form (it’s also called the lyric essay), visit this . As I said in class, the form consists of three distinct narrative lines–a personal story, research, someone else’s story–that each speak to a chosen theme. The lines need not be overtly related, but they do need to build toward your theme in some way.

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Main requirement is that your eaasy should be classified as creative. Write 3 sections on your life. weave the sections together with small bits of metaphor. Use a sentence 3 times for 3 sections. There is a good site on if you enter the words braided essay or lyric essay.For the class at the Chuckanut Writers Conference, I focused on the braid. It’s one of the shapes Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola discuss in Tell It Slant: Creating, Refining and Publishing Creative Nonfiction. Brenda brings a loaf of challah bread, the braided bread served at Sabbath in Jewish homes, to class when she talks about the braided essay:
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This year in College Comp I decided to try a braided essay

AP: That’s the thing, isn’t it? I detested some of the notions my mother valued but I love my mother. Girlhood in the wake of manhood–that rural machismo and paternalism–is a tremulous existence, and yet there are things about my upbringing that I treasure. Similar dichotomies–good and evil, poor and wealthy–crop up in my work, as you’ve said, and the braided essay form best allows me to explore the natural tensions between them. It allows for comparison, juxtaposition, association, and digression, all of which are excellent tools in parsing the complications of home, the complications inherent in those dualities. The braided and hybrid forms allow me to write in a way that closely models how I experience the world. I once took a personality test whose results said my type questions everything, can empathize with all sides, and often uses unorthodox methods to enact their ideas. This is exactly what the braided essay form does–it looks at the questions from different angles, from different points of origin and different source materials to better get at truths. It makes itself up unconventionally. This kind of hybridity of experience and content is also echoed in your poems’ forms, which are a blend of narrative poetry and lyric and braided essays.

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I am trying to find resources that would help me write a braided essay but I can't seem to find any. Do you know of any websites that might help me understand how to write braided essays?

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When you write a braided essay, the fragmentation allows you, almost forces you, not to approach this material head on but to search for a more circuitous way into it. You must expand your peripheral vision, focusing on images that at first se4emed oblique to the stories.