Some topics for a biology thesis could look like the following:

Plant biology, or botany, is the scientific study of plants and their organisms. Plant biologists study the disciplines of molecular and cellular plant biology and also research traditional areas of botany that include systematics, anatomy, morphology, physiology, ecology and evolution. The Botanical Society of America (BSA) revealed current research regarding plant genetics. Scientists are splicing genes from one plant to another in order to find an element such as an amino acid that is beneficial to human health, and the BSA stresses that more research is required. A good thesis may continue this work in which the student splices various plants with a specific design on finding a strand that benefits a particular human condition like high cholesterol or diabetes.

Some topics for a biology thesis could look like the following:

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Biology term paper explains the details in its body part. This section will reveal discussion topic of Biology term paper or Biology thesis. Discussion topic in a Biology research paper can be grouped in many parts, sections and sub sections. An ideal Biology term paper should assemble the thoughts systematically. Division of sections in a Biology paper is very vital. Topic of your dissertation should show all details in subtitle. Provide sufficient theory along with practical outcomes. You can divide this part into several subsections. All sections and subsections may have diagrams, figures, tables or photos of subject matter. Visual presentation is very important in case of Biology research paper. Whole research, in Biology research paper, will end at summarizing remarks of the writer in conclusion section. In case of more than one thought, writer can express in terms of ‘conclusions’ too.

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Biology thesis, like other thesis starts with foreword, introduction and executive summary. Then Biology research paper introduces the core idea or paper theme in next part. This theme describes the whole area covered by one Biology thesis. A good Biology paper should elaborate the concepts one by one in a systematic way. For writing Biology research paper, writer should have a reasonable Biology background. Writer must collect necessary data before starting the paper practically. Different section from literature review, research methodology, findings, limitations and conclusion are included in a good Biology thesis. Biology term papers are also formatted in this way but intensity of referencing is a bit lower than a Biology thesis. Biology term paper also explains the objective of paper in the beginning or introduction part.

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Biology is a vast subject and one fraught with exceptions. It is a science that continues to mystify man with its many tenets and evolving findings. A scholar working on a Biology thesis has vast resources at hand and a need to be unique in his perspectives on what he writes. A Biology thesis should not only be path-breaking in ideas but should also be well defended with facts and theories. An undergraduate Biology thesis can be written on any number of topics and with science advancing in leaps and bounds the choice for a topic is endless. At all stages of your biology thesis paper, be sure that you collect fresh data within the conditions you have to meet. During biology thesis writing, make sure that all your information can be statistically verified in order to add to the credibility of your research, citations form study of literature also offer you opinions and support in this regard.
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Massey University published Zaeschmar's research as a Master's in Conservation Biology thesis in 2014. The finished product has already generated international interest from Scientific America and the BBC.

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Submit a written proposal to your biology thesis advisor by the 10th day of classes in the first semester of the senior year. Students whose proposals are approved by the department then can begin (or continue) an in-depth research project under the guidance of the individual faculty advisor.