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GDB: If you could only drink three beers for the rest of your life…scratch that…overdone. How about, if you could drink any beer (“retired” or active), from any brewery of any vintage – what would it be?

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Eric Ortega holding his masters thesis in one hand with a beer in the other hand


Income Statement: Boston beer would have a higher income than Lion Beer as Boston Beer only produces one product in a market that they would have known enough about in order to capitalize on sales. Expenses would also be higher for Boston Beer as they would have a larger sale force and administration expense.

Thesis Corner: All About the Craft Beer Industry

Ever wondered about the history of beer or the history of beer in California? A master’s thesis which came out this year studied exactly this topic. Aiming to discuss the history of beer and brewing in California, the thesis also focusses in on taste and craft beer. “The Golden State of Brewing: California’s Economic and Cultural Influence in the American Brewing Industry”, written by Eric Ortega, and completed this year at California State University, Fullerton is a smoothly-flowing master’s thesis that imparts a very helpful history about this commonly-consumed beverage.

He joked that he could share a beer with the paper and they were always 'on the same page'
Hopothesis IPA is the “Beer of the Month” at The Beer Bistro. $4 a pour throughout the month of August.

(Thesis 6), the proclamation of the divine remission

Budweiser is a very popular American brand of beer. Apparently it's the most sold beer in the United States.

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Beer the Mother of Us All

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