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III. Procedural Information
The sequence you might follow in completing your senior thesis is as follows:
A. Year two
Research proposal
The students can choose their subject of the bachelor thesis and a possible supervisor.
1. The student can choose from a available list or propose an independent subject
2. The student have to choose a top 3 from a list of potential supervisors
- a list of possible subjects is available from Nestor
- a list of potential supervisors is available
After you have chosen your supervisor, and topic, you should discuss your research proposal, timeline, feasibility and your advisor’s expectations. Fill out Thesis Proposal and Timetable Form, Establish frequency of meetings and attach a more complete description of your plan.

The Bachelor Thesis requires the student to:

Submission bachelor thesis and Final oral presentation (25-40 minutes).

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To start with your Bachelor Thesis students must have obtained 119 ECTS. No exceptions will be made to this requirement. The Education Office will verify the number of ECTS obtained by each student enrolled in the Bachelor Thesis process. Generally this condition means that students must have completed all courses from the first and second year of the Bachelor program and two to three courses from the third year.

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By far the hardest part of any dissertation or thesis is not the writing; it is often the very point from which you start; the selection of your bachelor thesis topics. What is it that you will actually write your thesis about?

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I. Introduction
You have now arrived at an important step in your pursuit of an undergraduate education and in preparing for your future: writing your bachelor thesis. Your thesis must describe clearly and fully the goals of the research, the motivation, theories or hypotheses tested, methods used, target population, findings and the advice derived from your findings along with the conclusions drawn. Accordingly, you have to also acknowledge all sources of information you have used (both written and oral) in writing your bachelor thesis. Your thesis stands for your contribution to the knowledge of your field. Therefore, the final product must be written in a style and layout, which are acceptable, consistent and understood which is why this handbook has been prepared. This guide should answer your questions about the final written thesis. We recommend that you read it in its entirety before you begin writing your thesis. If you have specific questions that still are not answered, please contact Dr. Noha El-Baz ( ).In the bachelor thesis a current problem within the international (global) field of medicine has to be addressed. Whether your thesis is based on formulating and testing a hypothesis or collecting and analyzing information, the thesis should results in a well-balanced advice about the problem or subject. B. Year three
Elective period
During your elective period which is the first 10 weeks (first semester) in year 3. The elective period should be used to broaden or deepen the knowledge and insights of the student of an area or subject that is relevant for the personal development of the student into a medical professional. The work performed during the elective period should contribute to the quality of the bachelor thesis.
Writing your thesis
- Meet with your thesis advisor to discuss progress. Submit your rough draft and thesis log for his/her review. Summarize your advisor’s recommendations.
- Continue the analysis and investigation. Statistical analysis (if warranted). Write final draft of the thesis. A quality Bachelor thesis writing resource is critical for students to attain their academic goals. Although writing a Bachelor’s thesis is a daunting task, it enhances a student’s opportunity for planning and research development.
Some of the difficulties experienced in bachelor thesis writing by students are:

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Students are expected to complete the practical component independently, meaning they will have to regard all deadlines for enrollment themselves. Also, the Bachelor thesis must be submitted electronically to the supervisor not later than 6 weeks after the study trip, summer/winter course, or short internship. In week 4 there is the possibility to hand in a draft version of the paper with the individual supervisor and, subsequently, receive feedback on this draft via e-mail.

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Superflow, an audio-visual journey into the world of digital harmony, is a 100-page Bachelor Thesis with 12 accompanying computer animations completed in July 2010 by Ian Clemmer .
The thesis introduces the discovery of the Superflow algorithm and describes the modified mathematical formula Polarflow. Quantumflow emerges while programming and developing these two concepts into a node-based particle system plugin. Inspired by John and James White to find harmony in visual art, Ian further analyzes the relationship of musical theory applied to the visual arts.

Students have three options to fill in the practical component of the Bachelor Thesis:

Bachelor Thesis - CMU Computer Science

This is one of three video's i did for Flikli in Budapest, Hungary.
These video's are part of my Bachelor Thesis: "Getting higher conversion-rates by using Flikli's marketing funnel for animation"